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Make the friendship bracelets!

At Taylor Swift's Eras Tour, fans have taken to trading friendship bracelets. This fun tradition stems from lyrics in her song "You're On Your Own, Kid" that says "make the friendship bracelets." Using these kits you can create them to celebrate the concert experience and connect with fellow Swifties!

Books about Taylor Swift

Go deeper than the lyrics! Explore biographies chronicling Taylor Swift's rise to fame. This book selection provides a richer understanding of the artist who continues to captivate millions.

Taylor Swift Book Recommendations

Craving the stories that inspire Taylor's music? Here's a peek into her bookshelf! Discover the novels and poems that fueled iconic lyrics and shaped the worlds of her eras.

Inspired by Taylor

 Play 'spot the reference' and fall for these dreamy romances inspired by Taylor Swift songs.

Taylor Swift Songbooks

Find all your favorite Taylor Swift songs, complete with chords and lyrics, ready to sing along or learn to play