Lego Ninjago

What age group is LEGO Ninjago for?

LEGO Ninjago is designed for children aged 7 and above. With exciting ninja adventures, vibrant sets, and diverse characters, it offers engaging building and imaginative play experiences for young builders.

Is LEGO Ninjago for boys?

LEGO Ninjago is for all children or indeed anyone who wants to play with these sets! LEGO Ninjago is designed to appeal to a broad audience and is not limited to any gender. It's created for children who enjoy action-packed ninja adventures, regardless of their gender.

Is LEGO Ninjago too violent and can young kids play with it?

LEGO Ninjago is designed to be age-appropriate, but it does involve ninja-themed action and battles. The level of violence is mild and stylized, aligning with the LEGO brand's emphasis on creativity and fun. Parents should consider their child's sensitivity and age appropriateness.