Lego Dots

LEGO Dots is an exciting new range that lets children express themselves creatively through the power of LEGO bricks. With LEGO Dots, kids can create their own unique designs and patterns for a variety of different items, including bracelets, picture frames, pencil holders, and more.

Bestselling LEGO Dots  

What age group is LEGO DOTS for?

LEGO DOTS is designed for creative minds aged 6 and above. With vibrant colours and endless possibilities, it's a fantastic way for kids and even adults to express their artistic flair!

What is the best set to start out with when buying LEGO DOTS?

For a great start with LEGO DOTS, go for the Bracelet Kits. It's a fantastic blend of creativity and wearable fun. Express yourself with colourful patterns and create stylish accessories!