Lego Flowers

Create your own floral arrangement with LEGO flowers. The LEGO® Botanical Collection is perfect for adding a splash of colour to your home décor, in a bouquet or by the stem. LEGO® flowers can instantly brighten up a room and the Botanical Collection is built to last so they make perfect gifts.

What are LEGO flowers?

LEGO flowers are botanical-themed building sets produced by the LEGO Group. They consist of plastic bricks and elements that can be assembled to create various types of flowers, including roses, tulips, and sunflowers.

Are LEGO flowers compatible with other LEGO sets?

Yes, LEGO flowers are designed to be compatible with other LEGO sets and bricks. This allows builders to incorporate them into their existing LEGO creations or combine them with other botanical-themed sets.

Do LEGO flowers require any special care or maintenance?

LEGO flowers are durable and do not require any special care or maintenance once assembled. However, like all LEGO sets, they may need occasional cleaning if they collect dust over time. This can typically be done with a soft, dry cloth.

Can LEGO flowers be customised or combined to create unique arrangements?

Yes, LEGO flowers are highly customisable, and builders can mix and match different elements to create their own unique floral arrangements. Additionally, since LEGO bricks are compatible with one another, builders can combine LEGO flowers with other sets to create elaborate displays.

What age range are LEGO flowers suitable for?

LEGO flowers are generally suitable for builders of all ages, although some sets may have specific age recommendations due to the complexity of the build or the presence of small parts. Younger builders may require assistance from adults, particularly with more intricate designs.