LEGO, a beloved Danish invention, is a timeless building toy that sparks creativity and imagination in people of all ages. In our LEGO store you'll find building toys, playsets, minifigures and more. Whether you’re a LEGO Star Wars fan, LEGO Technic vehicle enthusiast or are looking for LEGO Disney for the children, you'll find a wide range of LEGO sets for adults and kids.

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What does LEGO stand for?

LEGO stands for "Leg godt," a Danish phrase meaning "play well." The company was founded in Denmark in 1932 by Ole Kirk Christiansen and adopted the name LEGO in 1934.

What age is LEGO for?

LEGO is suitable for all ages! The recommended age for each set varies complexity, but the typical range is from 1.5 to 99 years old. Toddlers should start with larger, safer LEGO Duplo bricks to avoid any choking risk. As children grow they can progress to the intricate sets for older kids and adults.

Is LEGO good for the brain?

LEGO can definitely help with brain development. Playing with LEGO encourages children to develop their creativity, problem-solving abilities, fine motor skills, and spatial awareness. Building with LEGO also fosters patience, focus, and planning skills.

What kind of LEGO sets can you buy?

You can buy a wide variety of LEGO sets, including themed sets like Star Wars, City, Harry Potter, and Technic, as well as modular buildings, Creator sets, Duplo for young children, and specialty sets like Architecture and Ideas.