Barrington Stoke Books

Barrington Stoke books have been specially written to appeal to reluctant readers of every age group. The books are thoughtfully and sensitively written for each interest age so children can read about topics that will capture their attention. Within each interest age, you'll find a range of titles for each reading age or reading level.


To shop for your child, we recommend browsing books for their actual age or "interest age". On the interest age pages, you'll find books organised by reading age. 


Also available: Little Gems fiction for age 5+, Classics Retold and Dyslexia-Friendly Classics.

Browse by Interest Age

Little Gems - Fiction for Age 5+

Fiction for readers aged 5+, featuring dyslexia-friendly layouts, typefaces and paperstock.

Dyslexia-Friendly Classics

Barrington Stoke dyslexia-friendly editions present unabridged classic texts in a super-readable format, making them accessible for all readers.

Classics Retold

Barrington Stoke Classics Retold have dyslexia-friendly layouts and typefaces so even more readers can enjoy them. Edited to a reading age of 9.