Non Fiction Books

Irish History in colour

Top Trumps

Essential books on the Resident US President in election year

You'll Never Read Alone

A season of celebratory reading for Liverpool fans

Irish Revolutionary Reads

New and bestselling works that shed light on a period of momentous change a century ago

Crime Scene Ireland

Great reads for all aspects of Irish law and order

Irish Travel

Best books to read before travelling in Ireland

Football's Coming Back

To celebrate the return here are some beautiful books about the beautiful game

Irish Lives Less Ordinary

Take a walk in someone else’s shoes with these fascinating tales of Irish lives well lived

War and Peace

A selection of popular war stories & bestselling analysis

Global Warnings

Books to help see change

Money Matters

From financial coping to smart investing, here are some popular guides

The Art of Coping

Our best resilience books for creating mental toughness

Home Goddess

The Great Irish Cook-in

Mindful Activity

The Best in Biography and True Crime