Eason Spelling Bee 2024 Week 4



The Eason Spelling Bee competition is a celebrated event that brings together the best spellers from across the country to showcase their impressive spelling skills. It's a rigorous competition that requires a great deal of preparation, focus, and determination to succeed. Week three was no different to previous with great competition from all participants and fantastic atmosphere across the Waterford and Wexford Spelling Bee finals.



On Tuesday, March 19th the Spelling Bee Team ventured into the Kingdom, for the Kerry County Final. We were welcomed by the wonderful teachers and students of Muire na Mainistreach in Killarney, as 11 students prepared for their county final. Noah Griffin from Fybough National School was eventually crowned champion, after multiple head-to-head rounds. This was the first time this has happened so far this year! Two spellers going back and forth until only one is left. Noah’s winning word was ‘denunciate’. Noah loves to read, and will read anything from Sherlock Holmes to Jeremy Clarkson. We cannot wait to have him back for the Munster final in May.




Then on March 20th, we made our way to Cork, where the county final was held in the Clayton Hotel, Silver Springs Hotel. 42 students arrived, ready to face their competitors.
This was another head-to-head, this time for four rounds before we declared a winner. The winner here was Grace O’Gorman from Scoil Bhailenóra. Grace is a sixth class student who loves mystery novels. Her winning word was “deliquium”. Once again, we are so impressed with the level of talent on display.





We ended this week in Tipperary, on March 21st. St John the Baptist Boys School hosted us, and were fantastic hosts at that! 28 students arrived and were more than ready to face their competition. After a tense and close competition, the winner was crowned! Ollie O’Connor from Grange National School was named the Tipperary County Champion. He loves to read, and has read the Harry Potter series at least four times to competition. His winning word was “reaggregate”.



We want to wish a massive congratulations to all students who will be moving on to the Provincial Finals in May. Everyone fought hard to earn their place and we are so impressed with the level of competency and talent on display from all schools this year.