EASON EXCLUSIVE SAMPLER: Fuss-Free Family Cookbook by Ciara Attwell

The Fuss-Free Family Cookbook at Ciara Attwell

5 Tips From The Fuss Free Family Cookbook
To Save You Time & Money In The Kitchen 


Cooking for a family can be hard work. When you are dealing with the busyness of daily life; school runs, after school activities, work and home upkeep, the mental load of planning and cooking several meals and snacks a day for everyone can sometimes feel like a very cumbersome task. However there are several little hacks that I use to make this a little easier for me.

1. Meal Planning 

We all know that meal planning is a brilliant way to take away some of the stress of planning family dinners on a daily basis. But the reality is that plans change or if you are like me you forget to defrost pre-cooked meals from the freezer! Instead I plan 2-3 meals a week and the other days I make something new from leftovers or a quick and easy meal. 

2. Speedy Meals 

Not all dinners have to be long complicated recipes. A couple of days a week I will make a speedy pasta sauce with some frozen veggies thrown in or a 5 minute pizza using a tortilla wrap. It’s a great way to get dinner on the table fast and the kids love it. 

3. Batch Cooking 

When I’m making a meal like spaghetti bolognese or a curry I will usually cook a double batch and freeze half. It means I have a meal for another evening when I’m busy and it’s also a great way to buy ingredients in bulk if you see them on offer.

4. Buy Frozen 

I’m a big fan of frozen vegetables. They are cheap to buy and quick to cook and you don’t end up with the waste that can come with fresh veggies. I also buy frozen chopped onions, garlic and ginger which saves so much time when cooking from scratch. 

5. Homemade Snacks 

We all know that kids love snacks. A couple of times a month I will batch cook muffins, flapjacks, energy bites etc to keep in the freezer and pull out when needed. It saves money buying expensive snacks and I know that the kids are eating something filling and nutritious too.