Eason Exclusive: The Storm Keepers' Battle by Catherine Doyle

We're delighted to feature Catherine Doyle on the Eason's Blog sharing an introduction to her new book, which is an Eason Children’s Book of the Month.

The Storm Keepers, Battle is the third and final book in the Storm Keeper trilogy, which is inspired by my ancestral homeland of Arranmore island, and all the wild, rugged magic that can be found there. It’s about a young boy called Fionn Boyle who goes to that island one summer to stay with his grandfather, only to discover that his destiny is to protect the island and the rest of the world from an ancient, rising evil.

The Storm Keepers’ Battle recounts the epic showdown between Fionn and the terrifying sorceress Morrigan, who has been raised from the dead by her dead-eyed, soulless followers, and is closing in on the island. Cut off from the rest of the country, Fionn must find a way to summon an army that will be strong and brave enough to defeat hers. Luckily, with the help of his friends and his family, an ancient whispering tree, a flying horse, a sea full of terrifying merrows and a whole lot of magic, he manages to save Arranmore island and the world at the very last second.

The Storm Keeper’s Battle is a story of family and bravery, wild magic and epic adventure, and the strength that comes from a community banding together to save each other.

Catherine Doley


Catherine's book ‘The Storm Keeper’s Battle’ is published now, and is available to buy here: