Joseph Murray Introduces Fling

Hi Easons Readers!


I’m so honoured that Fling has been chosen as Eason’s Book of the Month! I started writing my debut novel after I lost my job during the pandemic and wanted to escape the woes of lockdown. Writing this story brought me so much joy and I hope you feel the same when reading it.


Fling is an Irish romantic comedy about Tara and Colin, a married couple who find themselves in a rut. After 7 years of marriage and 3 failed IVF attempts, it seems as if they can’t recapture that illusive spark.


Desperate to feel alive again, both Tara and Colin secretly download Fling, a controversial new app to find discreet, anonymous affairs online. Neither are the cheating type but they create a profile, just to see. When they both get a 100% match with some mysterious stranger however, their entire lives are turned upside down. Could their perfect match be out there somewhere?


As Tara falls for the mysterious Jack and Colin falls for the enchanting Claire, they will both question whether or not they are willing to risk it all for an affair. Without spoiling anything, let’s just say having an affair doesn’t always mean being unfaithful and what Tara and Colin are searching for, might be closer than they think.


Fling is an uplifting and heart-warming romantic comedy inspired by the works of Nora Ephron. It is a story about falling back in love and cherishing what we have. It’s the perfect book for anyone who believes everything happens for a reason.

-- Joseph Murray