Eason Exclusive: A Good Father by Catherine Talbot

 Good Father is a chilling psychological thriller delving into the mind of a man driven by jealousy to do the unthinkable. Here, in an exclusive piece for easons.com, Catherine Talbot shares an introduction to her new novel.

A Good Father is a psychological suspense novel about a man who kills his family. I wanted to explore the idea that jealousy could be the driver of such an act, through a character who has no overt mental health issues. The intention of this exploration is to unsettle the reader and make them consider how a man could do such a thing. Is there even a conclusive answer to this question? By telling the story solely through the eyes of Des, I am trying to illuminate the fact that many female victims of domestic violence or coercive control do not have a voice. I wrote this book before COVID-19 struck. It saddens me that it now publishes in a time when cases of domestic violence and coercive control are on the rise.

At the core of my work is an exploration of the notion of love. How can we inflict hurt on the people that we love most in the world?

I am so excited that the novel is finally getting out there into the world and I hope that it will strike a chord among readers.

Catherine Talbot


Catherine's book ‘A Good Father’ is published now, and is available to buy here: