Eason Exclusive: Marguerite Penrose introduces her remarkable memoir: Yeah, But Where Are You Really From?

Marguerite's story is one of facing some big questions - Who am I? How do I live in world made for people with bodies different to mine? Why does anyone care about my skin colour? - with intelligence, humour, courage and common-sense. Yeah, But Where Are You Really From? is a captivating, wise and inspiring memoir by a truly remarkable woman and Easons is honoured to share this exclusive introduction to Marguerite's book. 

Hi, I‘m Marguerite Penrose and I am a debut author with Penguin Sandycove.
My book is called Yeah, But Where Are You Really From?.

It is a book about my life as a black Dublin-born woman, having spent the first 3 years in St. Patrick’s Mother and Baby home, on the Navan Road, because my Mum Elizabeth sadly was unable to keep me as her child, and I'm sure it was a heartbreaking decision to place me for adoption from birth.

It is about being fostered and later adopted by my amazing family, Noeline, Michael and my sister Ciara, from the age of 3. About being born with congenital scoliosis, enduring many surgeries throughout my childhood years, and the complications that arose from these surgeries and other health issues.

I also talk about being both black and Irish, and about racism in Ireland. I believe unless we speak up and speak out, history will continue to repeat itself, and injustice will continue. I speak about how proud I am of being Irish, and much more.

It is a story about how being positive through the ups and downs lead me to where I am today. My story is not just about the adversities I have experienced; I wanted to express that even through every bump on my path, there was always hope, and that no matter where you begin in life, life can be amazing and wonderful. Every choice we make leads us to our next path, and in choosing to remain positive I am here today to be able to tell my story.

Looking forward to meeting all you future readers out there!