What are Magformers? And how will they help your child’s learning and brain development?

Magformers consists of bright, colourful and fun educational shapes. Each piece contains  360 degree rotating magnets that will rotate to attract the magnet encapsulated in the next shape. Rather than the old stacking or interconnecting blocks, Magformers can be connected in any direction in 3D.

Eason has a wide range of products from Magformers to help your little one explore and develop your child's learning.

Magformers Sets

Magformers Demo

Magformers Demo

Matt from Magformers gives an exclusive demo on some of his top polyhedrons. Watch the video and learn all the ins-and-outs of Magformers. With top tips from a pro-magformer creator. Learn about Magformers and get inspired for your next Magformers creation.

Magformers are available now in Eason, both in store and online! Check out Eason's range of Magformers today and get building. Booster and extension packs are available, so no creation can be too big or too small. 

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