A Fresh Start

Build healthy habits and create the life you want in 2021

Fresh Thinking

Start with your mind - boost your confidence and get ready to hit those targets!

Healthy Eating

Whether you'd like to lose weight, boost your nutrition or eat more sustainably, these great books will help you achieve your goals.

Life Planning

Get organised, set goals and make the most of your time with these planners and diaries.

Beat Your Bad Habits

Stop smoking, take control of your alcohol consumption and build lasting, positive habits for good health.

Home Improvement

Clear your clutter and organise your space with these helpful guides to a happier home.

Money Matters

Take control of of your finances in 2021 with these personal finance books, whether you want to get out of debt or plan for the future.

Physically Fit

Whether you want to take up running or are looking for short home workouts you can fit round your busy life, these diet & fitness books will help show you the way.