The Dublin Book Festival and Eason present: Beyond the Tape by Dr. Marie Cassidy, an online book event

We are delighted to welcome former State Pathologist Dr. Marie Cassidy to an online book event in celebration of the release of her memoirs, Beyond the Tape: The Life and Many Deaths of a State Pathologist. Dr. Cassidy will be with us to discuss translating her experiences into memoirs, and her career as Ireland’s State Pathologist.

The ticket price of €20 includes access to this exclusive event via a custom url link and a signed copy of Beyond the Tape. Ticketholders will receive their signed copy of the novel in the post after its release date on 1st October 2020. Instructions on how to view the event via your custom url will be sent to all ticket holders in advance of the event on Sunday, 11th October.

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"For over thirty years, bodies have been my business. The lucky ones have died peacefully in their own bed, surrounded by loved ones. But, life, or should I say death, is not always like that. This is your opportunity to duck under the police tape with me. Walk carefully in my footprints and follow me into the scene but don't touch anything, just look. Remember Locard's principle, every contact leaves a trace ..."

Marie Cassidy was Ireland's State Pathologist from 2004 until 2018. During that time, she was involved in many high-profile cases, including the Stardust exhumation and the deaths of Siobhan Kearney, Rachel O'Reilly, Robert Holohan and Tom O'Gorman.
In Beyond the Tape, she invites us into the world of forensic pathology, and shares her remarkable personal journey, from working-class Glasgow to becoming Ireland's head pathologist. A fascinating, behind-the-scenes account of real-life forensics, the intricate processes central to solving modern crime, and the stories from behind the crime tape.
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