Eason Exclusive: You and Me on Vacation by Emily Henry

We’re delighted to welcome bestselling author Emily Henry to share a short introduction to her latest romantic novel, You and Me on Vacation, a feel-good summer love story. 


When I started working on You & Me on Vacation, I didn’t set out to write an homage to When Harry Met Sally, but looking back, it’s obvious how much the classic Nora Ephron rom-com influenced me. It’s not just the shared car ride home or the instant dislike—or even the friendship spanning years and the evolution of inside jokes—it’s that at its core, this book, like the movie, is about that once-in-a-lifetime kind of true, bone-deep, unconditional friendship that becomes such a part of your DNA that you could never feel quite like yourself again without it. Alex and Poppy, Poppy and Alex.


Despite being told across twelve years’ worth of trips, that’s what this book is really about: about finding home in an unlikely place, in an unlikely person. About learning to hold onto it, and carry it with you, wherever you go.


So while this book will carry you off to vineyards, country-music-themed motels and luxury resorts, in the end, I hope it does more than let you feel ocean breezes in your hair and smell spilled beer on karaoke bar floors. I hope it brings you home again, and fills you with ferocious gratitude for all the people you love and the places where you’ll always belong.