Eason Exclusive: Braywatch by Paul Howard A.K.A Ross O'Carrol Kelly

We're delighted to welcome bestselling author Paul Howard A.K.A Ross O'Carrol Kelly to tell us more about his upcoming book.

Hey goys,

What a total and utter mare of a year it’s been. The rugby off. The pubs shut. And I never want to see another slice of banana bread for as long as I live.
Yeah, no, 2020 has been, like, a total washout.
Which makes me even more – I don’t know if it’s a word – but nostalgish for the good old days. And they don’t come any ‘gooder’ than the year I spent trying to lead Presentation College Bray to Leinster Schools Senior Cup glory.
I’d always had what you might call a Love/Hate relationship with Bray – meaning any time I watched Love/Hate on TV, it always made me think of the place.
But then I was invited to become the Head Coach of Pres, a school that hadn’t won anything since Moses was a boy. And maybe it was the sea air, but their dreams very quickly became my dreams. Soon, I had an entire town believing that miracles really can happen. And while that was happening, Bray storted to worm its way into this rugby legend’s hort.
‘Braywatch’ is the story of that year. The tears. The joy. The struggle to overcome the language barrier that separates the two communities on either side of the Dorgle river.
It’s been described as “the greatest story ever told” by no less a judge than my old man. And I can’t wait to see it on the shelves in Eason’s.