Eason Exclusive: A Whole New Plan for Living by Jim Lucey

In his eagerly awaited new book about mental wellbeing, Jim Lucy shows us how to be prepared for the ups and downs of life. Here, in an exclusive piece for easons.com, he shares an introduction to ‘A Whole New Plan For Living’.

I wrote this book during the lockdown. This COVID-19 era has been a calamitous time. Many people have suffered and the effect on our whole physical and mental health has been very great. Now, with the end of the pandemic in sight, it’s time to think about a better future. We have so many questions to answer. How can we stay well? How can we recover and become more resilient? We need to take better care of ourselves, of each other and of our world. To do all this we will need ‘A Whole New Plan for Living’.

This book describes an authentic way forward; one that is informed by my experience as a psychiatrist but one that any of us could take. ‘A Whole New Plan for Living’ encourages us to make a more personal plan sustained by a more open mind and a hopeful heart. In ten practical steps it shows us how we could rebuild a better present and prepare for a better future. A Whole New Plan for Living will empower us now to restore our self-care and to renew our emotional care. Each thoughtful step will help us to advance as we prepare for the challenges of life by living in a new more connected, more hopeful and more empowered way.

I hope that you will enjoy ‘A Whole New Plan for Living’ and that it will become our beginning a new, happier more rewarding life.

Jim Lucey


Jim’s book ‘A Whole Plan for Living’ is published now, and is available to buy here: