Win a €100 bundle of Stationery

To celebrate World Stationery Day (April 21st) we are giving you three chances to win €100 worth of stationery.

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World Stationery Day was created in 2012 to help make sure the art of writing would not go extinct, as some feared it might. This concern was due to all of the technological advancements of our time, making the effort of writing much less practical than other methods of communication.

Even so, studies have shown that people who write with their own hand are probably more engaged in the topic. This means, writing (and therefore stationery!) probably isn’t going anywhere.

How to Celebrate World Stationery Day
For those who are wondering how they can properly spend this day, there’s nothing to worry about! Lots of options are available for taking a little bit of extra time to appreciate all of the beautiful things about writing on stationery, such as:

Write a Card or Letter
The first thing on the to-do list for this day is unbelievably simple: write a card or a letter. Get those pencils sharpened and ready or grab a favorite pen! The folks who created World Stationery wanted to make sure that writing endured despite the wide array of more efficient options available, so everyone should try to do their part to help achieve that goal!

Head Over to the Stationery Store
As World Stationery Day celebrates the written word and all things stationery, feel free to buy a few kinds of stationery and vow to use it whenever there is a chance. This could include grabbing a few different colours of paper and envelopes from the office supply store. Or it might mean special ordering personalized stationery that is printed with a monogram or full name.
While at the shop, don’t forget to stock up on different writing utensils, such as pens of different colours or pencils (whether traditional or mechanical). Some people like to make their letters extra special by using a wax seal kit that is reminiscent of times past but adds another level of personalization.

Write A Poem
Letters and cards aren’t the only kind of activity that stationery is used for. Grab a pretty piece of paper and use it to write a lovely poem. It can be an epic poem or simply a haiku, using the five, seven, five format. The subject can be meaningful or funny. In fact, World Stationery Day would be a great time to write an ode to how much people should adore stationery!

Send Stationery for Holidays
If a holiday is coming up, especially a big one like Christmas or Easter, make a point of handwriting cards and letters to send to friends, family, and other people who are deeply cared about. Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day are occasions when people are especially appreciative of receiving a card. However, it doesn’t even need to be a special occasion! Simply write a card or letter to a loved one–just because.

Find a PenPal
Having a penpal used to be quite the novelty–especially if it was a person who lived overseas in a different culture and time zone. Although many people might think this tradition is dead, it isn’t!

Send a Card Through the Mail
Are you organizing a party in the near future? Do you need to thank all of the people who came to your wedding for their lovely gifts? Has a close friend been ill a while and could use a cheery get well soon card? Whatever the occasion, World Stationery Day can be every day, so join in the fun!

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