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Latest Book - Recipes For Happiness

Latest Book - Recipes For Happiness

The Happy Pear No 1 bestsellers' new book - packed with quick and easy veggie options, clever meat-free versions of popular favourites and inspiring advice on how to be healthier!

David and Stephen Flynn, the twins behind the Happy Pear cafés and food business, know it can be challenging to juggle everything and still feel inspired! And being busy dads themselves they also know the pressure of getting delicious healthy meals on the table every day. So Recipes for Happiness is very close to their hearts.

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Stephen and David Flynn

Stephen and David Flynn

Identical twins David and Stephen Flynn started the Happy Pear in 2004 with a small veg shop and a big dream. Coming from a traditional Irish home, their diet was fuelled with meat and they themselves were meatlovers. The Flynn twins went on to study Commerce in college but after graduation they both felt something amiss so decided to go traveling seperately. During their travels on opposite sides of the world, they were inspired to change their diet. As twin-power would have it, they each changed their diet to Vegetarian within 1 week of each other.

Fast forward several years and The Happy Pear have 3 bestselling cookbooks, 3 cafes, an award winning product range, 3 online courses and a community of over 1 million people eating more veg everyday!

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