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Bestselling novelist Sinéad Moriarty and popular RTE broadcaster and Book Club curator Rick O’Shea have teamed up with Eason to share their Must Reads for the Summer. Wherever your time off takes you this year, switch off and read with Sinead and Rick’s brilliant recommendations - we’re loving these books and think you will too!

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About Sinéad & Rick

Sinéad Moriarty

As an author of 14 outstanding novels, and as a winner of the Irish Independent Popular Fiction Book of the Year, Sinead knows a thing or two about books. Check out Sinead’s latest must reads!

Rick O'Shea

The well-known broadcaster Rick O’Shea runs the largest book club in Ireland which boasts over 25,000 members, and is a proud and passionate book advocate. Check out his latest must reads!


The Beekeeper of Aleppo by Christy Lefteri

‘The Beekeeper of Aleppo’ is about Nuri, a beekeeper; and his wife Afra, who flee their home in Syria after their personal losses become too much to bear. We follow them on their journey through Europe as they try to find a better, safer life as they face danger every day as they deal with smugglers, stormy seas, hatred and prejudice.

This beautiful, tender and moving book about life as a refugee is full of raw emotion. It will have you on the edge of your seat as you will this broken couple to a better life. Gut-wrenching and incredibly moving.

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Constellations by Sinéad Gleeson

A unique and incredible collection of non-fiction essays from the writer and journalist Sinead Gleeson. Covering everything from her experiences with ill health, through to motherhood and reproductive rights, she details what it’s like to encounter and live through all of these things as a woman growing up in Ireland over the last two decades.

Whilst this has echoes of Emilie Pine’s ‘Notes to Self’ in that it’s beautifully written, powerful and blisteringly honest, ‘Constellations’ also delves into so much more.

All in all, it’s a thing of honesty, clarity and beauty- and, if you’re anything like me, parts of it are guaranteed to move you to tears.

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How to Fail by Elizabeth Day

In ‘How to Fail’, the writer and journalist Elizabeth Day bares her soul about how failure has taught her the most valuable life lessons. It's a simple premise - learn from your mistakes and failures. But it's written with charm and warmth and Elizabeth has some really useful insights into how failure can actually be a good thing. In a world where success is hailed as the Holy Grail, it's nice to know that we all fail at something, and that it's OK to do so.

This really is a book for everyone - I found myself nodding along throughout this funny, warm and brutally honest read.

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Machines Like Me by Ian McEwan

I have an enormous love for alternative “What If” histories, and this new novel from Ian McEwan can sit up there proudly with the best of them.

Britain is in an alternate 1980s, where Margaret Thatcher has lost the Falklands War, Tony Benn is going head to head with her as the leader of the Labour Party, and Alan Turing has lived and changed the world, meaning the computer revolution happened much sooner and artificial humans are now a reality.

Charlie is in love with Miranda, who lives upstairs and has a murky past. When Charlie comes into money and buys his own artificial human Adam, the android’s arrival subsequently irrevocably alters all three of their lives.

‘Machines Like Me’ picks apart the decade I became a teenager in incredible detail, and allegorically has a lot to say about the Britain of 2019. It’s a cracking read.

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Live While You Can by Fr. Tony Coote

Father Tony Coote is one of life's truly good people. In this inspiring and moving book, he talks about how he has learnt to come to terms with being diagnosed with Motor Neurone disease. Knowing he has not long to live at only 53 years of age, Father Tony has decided to do something positive with his time remaining. Rather than let this cruel twist of fate crush his spirit, he has dedicated his time to raising funds for fellow sufferers.

Here, Father Tony talks about how his faith has given him peace and acceptance of his fate. A very powerful story by one of Ireland's most exceptional human beings.

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The Fire Starters by Jan Carson

On the face of it, this is a story set in modern day East Belfast about two fathers and their relationship with their children – one who is a doctor who is bringing up an unusual baby daughter on his own, and the other is a former paramilitary who has concerns his son is the mysterious online ringleader behind a Summer of malicious fires and unrest leading up to marching season.

It’s one part kitchen-sink drama, one part magical realism and also dwells upon how a long buried past can easily resurface in a time of pressure.

There are entire chapters here that I re-read time and time again, and which are so breath-taking they just blew me away – Jan Carson has a way with language that borders on sorcery. I felt like re-reading it again as soon as I put it down, and I think you might feel the same way too.

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You Will Be Safe Here by Damian Barr

This is a jaw dropping and hard-hitting novel that holds no punches. Inspired by real events, the story moves between South Africa in 1901 and 2014, as we follow the horrors of the concentration camps set up there by the British in 1901, through to the modern day hell of the New Dawn Training Camps for boys in 2014.
I learnt a lot about the hidden colonial history of South Africa after reading this, and was left reeling and heart-broken at the inhumane treatment of its people, both then, and now. This is one of those rare books that not only teaches you about a lesser known period of history, but which also engages you to the point that you’ll want to talk about it to everyone you meet.
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Toffee by Sarah Crossan

In case you don’t know the work of the current Laureate na nOg Sarah Crossan, she has been hoovering up readers and awards for years now.

Her new book ‘Toffee’ tells the tale of Alison who has run away from home, and finds herself hiding in a strange town in the shed of an elderly woman with dementia, who mistakes her for a childhood friend and lets her stay on.

You know the way you hear people saying that they read a book in a single setting? Well I’m not that person, usually. Toffee though was that book for me.

Sarah writes verse novels - there are entire pages here that could be read as poems, and it makes for a swift and beautiful read. Definitely one for the teenagers in your life but, like so much YA these days, it’s a must read for the adults too.

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