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12 Days of Christmas

Check out this page for our daily Christmas Bargains. Everyday for 12 days we'll be adding books for adults and kids as well as a range of gifts and stationary items. You're sure to find the perfect gift at amazing value! 

12th Day Of Christmas

On the 12th day of Christmas we have another 1916 offering for the history lovers. Children of the rising is 9.99.
For the kids we have goregous Disney Princess story boxset. Also check out our 3-for-2 offering on Pop Vinyls.

11th Day of Christmas

On the 11th day of Christmas we have two wonderful books on offer, 'Before Marlyn' is down to 4.99 from 25. We also have the perfect gift for Doctor Who fans at only 3.99. Half price Fountain pens are a thoughtful gift and are currently half price. 

10th Day of Christmas

On the 10th Day of Christmas we have two marvellous children boxsets, My Little Pony 9.99 down from 21 and GirlsFC at 9.99 down from 50.
We also have the history of 'The Who' at a whopping 4 down from 30. For the creative types we have half priced BIC Markers.

9th Day of Christmas

Time pieces is our book of the day for the 9th day of Christmas. Available at 2.99 down from 24.99. We also have the Now 96 CD at a special price of 3.99!  

8th Day of Christmas

On the 8th day of Christmas we are offering a collection of 40 articles highlight a broad spectrum of peoples stories from 1916. Down to 9.99 from 28. We have a furry little friends Collection on offer at 19.99 down down from 100. Get into the festive spirit with our goregous mugs at 50% off!

7th Day of Christmas

On the 7th Day of Christmas we have the perfect gift for any Garth Brooks fan - the illustrated story at 4.99 down from 23.99. Classics childrens series Judy Moody is our kids boxset offering of the day, down to  9.99 from  23.15. We also have big reductions on Family games!

6th Day of Christmas

On the 6th Day of Christmas we're offering Nevin Maguires perfect Christmas at 16.99. For the kids we have a Pokemon colouring collection at €9.99. Also check out our Satar Wars masks at 10% off!

5th day of Christmas

For the fifth day of Christmas we have an Abba book at only €12.99, the perfect gift for any fan. We also have the entire Chaos Walking series at a staggering €14.99 down from €33.55. Also check out our range of Magformers which are in our 3 for 2 Promo

4th Day of Christmas

Keep your brain sharp 50% off brain training and puzzle games. A beautiful harback capturing Dublin since 1922 is available at 9.99. For the kids we have a wonderful collection of carry on stories.

3rd Day of Christmas

Today we have mugs to keep you cosy and cocktal book to keep your merry over the Christmas on special prices have another gorgeous childrens book boxset! 

2nd Day of Christmas

Our 2nd day of daily deals are if you're 'board to death' over Christmas. 10 off Rick and Morty Monopoly, Stranger Things Monopoly, and the Han Solo Card Game. Get Jason Sherlocks new book at  5.99, whiile for the kids there's a beautful boxset reduced to 16.99 from 97.85

1st Day of Christmas

Day one includes one of our top sellers, the Ireland scratch map at 50% off. We also have goalkeeping legend Shay Givens autobiography in hardback at a whopping 4.99. For the kids we have beautiful book boxset marked down to 16.99 from 97.85