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In order to provide you with a smooth, efficient and personalised experience, we collect some information relating to your usage of our site. This allows us to provide services and features that most likely meet your needs, and to customise our service to make your experience easier and quicker. Please note, the following cookie policy applies to and all subdomains, including (used for your Shopping Basket).


Cookies are tiny text files stored on your computer when you visit certain web pages. At we use cookies to keep track of what you have in your basket, and to remember you when you return to our site.

Please note that cookies can't harm your computer. We don't store personally identifiable information such as credit card details in cookies we create, but we do use encrypted information gathered from them to help improve your experience of the site. For example, they help us to identify and resolve errors, or to determine relevant related products to show you when you're browsing.

How to Manage Cookies:

We use a number of different cookies on our site. If you do not knowwhat cookies are, or how to control or delete them, then we recommendyou visit for detailed guidance.

List of the Main Cookies:

The following tables describe the cookies we use on this site and what we use them for. Currently we operate an ‘implied consent’ policy which means that we assume you are happy with this usage. If you are not happy, then you should either not use this site, or you should delete cookies having visited the site, or you should browse the site using your browser’s anonymous usage setting (called “Incognito” in Chrome, “In Private” for Internet Explorer, "Private Browsing" in Firefox and Safari etc).

Session Cookies:
We use session cookies to remember your log-in and what you’ve put in the shopping basket. These we deem strictly necessary to the working of the website. If these are disabled then various functionality on the site will be broken. More information on session cookies and what they are used for at

Cookie Name Purpose
Avt Used to store a list of previously viewed products during your session. We use this information to populate the ‘Recently Viewed Items’ lists that appear on some pages.
eh1 Used to store previous searches to allow you to repeat these during your session.
os9C Contains a unique identifier used to identify you as a user between page loads during a session. This allows us to remember your actions, such as adding items to your basket, during a session.
os9M Contains a unique identifier used to identify you as a user and check user session integrity between servers, thus optimising site performance during a session.
oslastadd2b Used to store a record of the last item added to the shopping cart during a session.
xg9C Contains a unique identifier identifying an account session between page loads, to recognise you as a logged-in member as you navigate from page to page.
xg9M Contains a unique identifier used to identify your account session and check user integrity between servers, thus optimising site performance during a session.
testC Used to anonymously test session and account integrity
testM Used to anonymously test session and account integrity
ASPSESSIONID Active Server Page SessionID - this cookie is used to enable core site functionality. It does not contain any personal information and is automatically deleted when you close your browser.

Cookies for Site Analytics

Cookie Name Description
Google Analytics
Eason use this to understand how the site is being used in order to improve the user experience. User data is all anonymous
You can find out more about Google’s position on privacy as regards its analytics service at
Eason have Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting enabled on With this we collect demographic data such as age, gender and interests which we may use to tailor your website experience and tailor the contect of Eason eZine's.
If you wish to opt-out of this data collection, you can do so using the following browser add-on:
Eason use Remarketing with Google Analytics to advertise online.
Inspectlet This application allows us to see where users encounter issue or confusion on our site so that we can make as user friendly as possible.
We have engaged inspectlet to analyse the activities of visitors to this website,and Inspectlet's authorised use of cookies and other tracking technologies enable it to have access to Personal Information of visitors to this website.
Such access to and use of Personal Information by Inspectlet is governed by Inspectlet's Privacy Policy [].

Cookies for Email Tracking

Cookie Name Purpose
TD_UNIQUE_IMP The Unique Impression Cookie contains programs of viewed ads together with the time of the ad-view. This information is used to be able to identify unique ad-views.
TD_POOL Ad-pools have the feature of ad-rotation. To support this, pool-based ad-views are stored in a cookie.
TD_EH_ The Event History Cookie contains information about the three latest tracks (clicks) and the ten latest closures per program. This information is used to be able to connect clicks with closures.
TradeDoublerGUID The GUID Cookie holds an identifier to support server side storage of the user event history
OPT_OUT Allows a user to disable cookie based tracking or targeting for the browser that the user is using
RET Retargeting is a feature that makes it possible to target ads to users that have visited configured targeting points on the advertiser’s site. To support this feature the targeting points visited by a user are stored in this cookie.
 insp_sid Creates a Session ID which is applied to the site visit.
 insp_scpt Screen capture to allow us to see how users interact with the site.
 insp_uid Applies a user ID to the site visitor.
 insp_nv Identifies if the user is a New Visotor to the site or a Return Visitor.
 insp_pad Records the number of pages viewed in a session.
 insp_ref Identifies the source that the user has come from to get to the Eason site.

Cookies set by Third Party Websites
We sometimes embed video content from websites such as YouTube. As aresult, when you visit a page with content embedded from, for example,YouTube, you may be presented with cookies from these does not control the dissemination of these cookies. Youshould check the relevant third party website for more information aboutthese.

Social Networking Sharing Tools carries embedded ‘share’ buttons to enable users to easilyshare content with their friends through a number of popular socialnetworks. These sites may set a cookie when you are also logged in totheir service. does not control the dissemination of thesecookies and you should check the relevant third party website for moreinformation about these.

You should be aware that these sites are likely to be collecting information about what you are doing all around the internet, including on So if you click on any of these buttons, these sites will be registering that action and may use that information. In some cases these sites will be registering the fact that you are visiting, and the specific pages you are on, even if you don’t click on the button if you are logged into their services, like Google and Facebook. You should check the respective policies of each of these sites to see how exactly they use your information and to find out howto opt out, or delete, such information.

Email Privacy Policy

Send Frequency:
  • - eCommerce emails are sent once every 2 weeks
  • - Loyalty newsletters are sent once monthly
  • - Loyalty members will receive a Birthday email
  • - When a loyalty member reaches 250 points they will be send an email notification
  • - BookBind members will receive a monthly newsletter in the last week of every month
Email Content:
  • - eCommerce email will contain regular promotions and discounts for & as well as content relating to new releases, best sellers, book awards and occasional polls and surveys
  • - Loyalty emails will contain a members points balance information, promotions and book related news
  • - BookBind emails contain book related news, links to blog posts, recent BookBind activity and occasional offers
To unsubscribe from the Eason email database, simply click on the unsubscribe link located at the bottom of every marketing email.

Email Tracking:

Some emails that we send you have no tracking in at all e.g. service emails with invoices attached. Other emails we send we put in tracking so that we can tell how much traffic those emails send to our site - e.g. our monthly Thank You Card newsletter. Some emails we can track, at an individual level, whether the user has opened and clicked on the email. We rarely use the latter information at a personal level, rather we use it to understand open and click rates.

Data Collected:
The data we collect when a customer registers includes
  • - Name (first & last name)
  • - Email address
  • - Sign up time and date
  • - Sign up channel
  • - Transaction data (number of items bought, order value)
How we use this data:
The data that we collect from registration is used to tailor emails and promotions to better suit your preferences. We do not share any data for use by any third parties.

Company Registration and Contact Information:
Eason and Son Ltd. is a private limited Company, registered in Ireland (number 1279).
Registered office at 80 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1, Ireland.
Phone: 01-8448815