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Eason: Play with Maths!

iPad Maths App

Challenge your smarts and support your kid’s development with the new and fun maths game Eason: Play with Maths!

Developed for 6 to 8 year olds but fun for all ages, the Eason maths app will help your kids learn addition and subtraction at their own pace, and in an enjoyable environment.

Work your way up from easy to difficult maths problems. Receive an award (and a special Eason reward!) when you master the Addition and Subtraction chapters.

Learn sums alongside Blaze the dinosaur, earn Tiki Masks, and unlock new levels to become a Master of Maths! Come and play with us! How many Tiki Masks can you earn?

The Eason maths app is available as a FREE download from Apple iTunes for iPads. Eason: Play With Maths! was developed as part of the Easonology initiative at Eason, to stimulate the mind to do better, to do more, to find out, to learn, to create, to solve and to win.

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Eason Spelling Bee App

Eason Spelling Bee App

iPhone and iPad Spelling App

Stemming from the popularity of the Eason Spelling Bee in schools, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new Eason Spelling Bee app which will allow both parents and kids to take part in their own spelling bee at home. Developed for 10 to 14 year olds but fun for all ages, this new app will help kids improve their spelling and literacy skills in a fun and enjoyable way. The app emulates the real life spelling bee but in a mobile world.

Just like the spelling bee in schools, there will be easy, medium and hard words within the app. The app reads out a word from one of the three difficulty levels. Users are then asked to input their answer. Users can ask for a hint at any level at which point the word will be read out as part of a sentence. They can also ask for the word to be repeated if necessary.

With hundreds of words in the database, children (and adults!)will have great fun testing their spelling abilities and new words will be added on an ongoing basis.

The new Eason Spelling Bee app is available FREE to download for iPhone and iPad from the iTunes store. The app is another part of Get Into Reading which is Eason’s countrywide campaign with children’s literacy at its heart.

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